do u know the avengers(10 questions quiz)

hello this quiz is about marvel aka avengers so dont cheat i see you opening a folder to cheat dont you dare open it no dont fine fine you dont have to do it

this quiz is easy not hard not easy dont say its boring or will make you play math games for your your whole life play the quiz and then rate it you weirdo

Created by: spidey hates spiders

  1. who is the strongest avenger
  2. who is the weakest avenger
  3. who defeated thanos in infinity war
  4. which one of those is not an avenger
  5. who is a skrull fighter
  6. why does thanos wanna snap his fingers
  7. why is marvel better than dc
  8. who is the new avenger
  9. is my quiz the best quiz ever (all answers are correct)
  10. who is thor's brother

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