do u have a puppy?

there are many animals that you can have as pets. But today I'm guessing if u have a puppy or not! You may of had one when you were younger but no! this is if you have a puppy now or not!

this will make you smile if you score 51% to 100%! If you do have a puppy, then this is a good quiz for you! If you don't, it really doesn't matter! everyone is special in their own way!!

Created by: GenevieveS

  1. what is the name of a dog/puppy?
  2. what do puppies do?
  3. guess if I like puppies or not
  4. Do puppies like baths?
  5. how long can puppies live?
  6. do you like puppies?
  7. Do puppies have facebook accounts?
  8. what do puppies eat?
  9. do puppies make messes?
  10. what do puppies sleep in?

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