Why did you take this?? I told you not to take it!! Oh well, now that you're here, you might as well just take it, and enjoy it. I spent 45 minutes on it after all?

Im not gonna tell you what the point of this is!!!! You know what, you're just gonna have to take it to find out!!!! Why am i doing this? Nobody reads these anyways.

Created by: Princess Bigfoot

  1. Why did you take this??? I specifically told you not to!!!!
  2. what word do you know the meaning of?
  3. What is this question?
  4. whats your fave color? Hides behind Voldemort
  5. Whats your favorite my little pony?
  6. What did you think of that last question.
  7. How many GTQ quizzes have you taken? gimme an estimate.
  8. Fave show (JUST PICK ONE!!!!)
  9. Do you have email
  10. Laptop VS Computer VS Tablet!!
  11. How many actions does it take to get an elephant in a fridge?
  12. How many to get a giraffe in a fridge?
  13. Who would win in a race? Elephant or Giraffe?
  14. BTW, The elephant would win. The giraffe's still in the fridge.

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