Do I still like my Ex-boyfriend?

I like my crush very much. So I made this quiz to see if u like your ex one. It turned out that I like my ex one too though. So that suck ed. Anyways. Yeah

Hi hi hi hi hi hi hi. You promised to commentand rate! DDon't break your promise! If u didn't then ur smart. But pleasedo rate and comment iit's my first

Created by: Rianna Mcintyre

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you constantly wonder about him? How he's been or if he has a girlfriend
  2. Do you browse past his instagram page and see a picture of you and think it's sweet of him to do that?
  3. Do you think about him often?
  4. Do you feel a bit of jealousy when you see him with another girl?
  5. Ok. So this quiz is over. Right now we can chill. But I'm still giving points so watch out
  6. What's your favorite colour
  7. How was your day so far?
  8. Hi
  9. Soon over
  10. Almost there
  11. Last question. Do you think he's cute?
  12. Comment and rate?

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