Do I Need Diaper Punishment

I have lied to my parents and stolen from them. I have sworn and disobeyed every single rule. I have been a very bad person. Do I need diaper punishment?

Please fill out as much as you can and be as thorough as possible. Thank you very much for clicking on this. I will do my best to accept my punishment.

Created by: Miki

  1. I have cheated, lied, stolen and hurt others. Do I need diaper punishment?
  2. If so, how long should my punishment last?
  3. Should I wear diapers all the time?
  4. Should i have to use the diapers?
  5. Should I be spanked?
  6. Should I be treated like a baby? (Ex: pacifiers, crib)
  7. Should my younger siblings know and should they change/spank me?
  8. Who should punish me? (Changing, spanking)
  9. Should I have to be a full on baby?
  10. Should I write lines?

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