Do I like him? (school)

this is a fun quiz... keep in mind that this is just for fun...this quiz practically just tells you whether or not you like 'him' and of course you do not need to take anything in this quiz into your personal life. have fun.

also do not take the results into personal account, but if you are brave enough to ask 'him' out, you can try if you'd like, but please do not blame me for the final result.

Created by: Mili
  1. Do you tend to glance in his direction whenever he is around?
  2. when he speaks, do you often laugh at whatever joke he trys to make... even if it's not funny...
  3. do you often check in the mirror how you look but think about his specific reaction in your mind?
  4. do you sometimes think about him before going to sleep?
  5. do you ever talk about him with your friends?
  6. do you ever daydream or think about fantasies that involve him?
  7. have you met any of his family members?
  8. do you ever try to make him laugh?
  9. have you ever written about him? in a journal perhaps?
  10. do you offer him things sometimes? like gum? but when someone else asks for it, you refuse ( or you still give the other person something so you don't look rude. )
  11. are you two friends?
  12. is he... ~your type~??
  13. does he play a sport or have a hobby that you find attractive?
  14. do your friends tease you about him?

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