do i like animals quiz

if you got that you love animals good for you i love animals to there so fun and sweet i think that every animal deserves a chance to have a good life do you

if you got hates animals i get it animals can be mean or maybe you had a bad animal at one point i like animal but you dont you probably have a reason to hate animals just like i have a reason to like animals

Created by: winter

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  1. how many animals do you have
  2. if people are hurting a animal what do you do
  3. if a dog got hit by a car and was laying unable to move what would you do
  4. if your neighbors are selling a horse what do you do
  5. if you get a pig what do you do
  6. if you could have however many animals you want how many would you get
  7. whats your favorite animals
  8. if a dog was trapped in a car on the hottest day of the year wist no water what would you do
  9. if there is a alive deer in your yard you wil
  10. do you think you like animals

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