Divergent Aptitude Test 2022

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This is a quiz I made for my Cambridge English students, because we were watching the movie "Divergent" in class. Now they can find out their Faction results, just like in the film. I hope they like it.

The Aptitude Test is a yearly assessment taken by every 16 year old. Test takers are injected with a variation of Simulation Serum. This serum, like others, will transform reality into an altered state in your mind, to help decide which faction you are, helping you choose which faction you belong to for the rest of your lives before permanently choosing the next day at the Choosing Ceremony.

Created by: Max

  1. Pick a Simulation Serum to drink!
  2. The Simulation starts. Quick - Pick one!
  3. You see a crying child. Then suddenly, a wild, dangerously barking dog appears, looking at the child. What do you do?
  4. The dog starts to chase you. You see a bus coming up in front of you and you jump into it. The door closes behind you and you are safe from the dog. Where do you sit down now?
  5. On the bus, you notice a scary looking, burnt-scarred man reading a newspaper. The headline reads “Brutal Murderer on the run”. The man asks you “Do you know this guy?”. The picture is familiar to you but you are not sure, if you should tell him. What do you do?
  6. Luckily the bus stops and you can get off. You arrive at your school building. Your teachers tells you to sit down and open your book. Pick one of the words on page one of the book:
  7. On page two you need to pick again!
  8. There are more options to choose from on page three.
  9. Page four (yes, the number, not the Dautless leader)
  10. Last page, the teacher is already impatiently waiting for you! Hurry up!

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