Did you survive? ( Alien invasion edition )

Do you think you have what it takes to fight of the aliens? Can you make the right decisions while a slave? Can you fight love itself? Find out in this quiz! Make sure to be honest.

So,____________ you've decided to_____________. Well,_____________________, and________________. Oh and, I've almost forgotten,_______________ and ________________.

Created by: Nick
  1. You get the news that aliens have invaded our planet. You plan the best course of action. It comes down to the following three.
  2. You have a limited supply of weapons, but must find one to suffice before you loot the aliens. You have space for two weapons, and you choose a grenade as your first. It comes down to the following.
  3. You're surrounded by aliens and your weapon is useless, either it broke or you're out of ammo.
  4. Ok, winner-winner chicken dinner. You survived that horde of aliens. Great! Um, what's that green thing on your skin?
  5. Turns out that wasn't alien blood. You're dead...
  6. The aliens are coming back to life! Shoot, what do you do?!
  7. You've survived for a few months ( or not ) and experience your fifteenth birthday. You speculate that if the aliens hadn't invaded, you would have a girl/boyfriend by now.
  8. Some of the aliens begin to colonize your area. After fighting bravely and slaying many, you are brought in and enslaved. The family you work for consists of a likeable father, a loving mother, and a cute daughter/son who seems to be around your age. What now?
  9. You find yourself falling in love with the cute girl/boy. You can't fight it, and you've been isolated from all things that can put you out of your misery. What now?
  10. Well, the girl is flirting with you. You can't decide between your duties, or your heart.
  11. Well, if you kissed the boy/girl or told his/her parents, you've been killed.
  12. After years of rigorous work, and countless lashes from a whip, you've finally been promoted. The parents have relieved you of your slavery and allowed you to simply live with them. Reaction:
  13. At the sight of you kissing their daughter, the parents have decided to make you a slave again, as they don't like you that much, and you're taking way to many steps forward.

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