Did you lose control?

Ok, hex girls. We all know that famous song where they claim to crumble your thoughts, wants, needs, personality and all that into devotion to them. Well some people, through the uses of repetitive trickery and showing colorful patterns, can mentally tell you to do stuff, which comes out in your own brain. You are convinced these are thoughts from your own brain, but there not. So are YOU brainwashed? Find out now!

P.s. I myself an brainwashed, but as they began to brainwash me I shook their efforts off, and now I am only sometimes getting these weird thoughts from brainwashers.-KidSquid

Created by: KidSquid
  1. Do you listen to other people?
  2. Do you feel like your not you?
  3. Do you think before you talk?
  4. When you were little, did someone strange tell you to look at patterns that made you feel very dizzy afterword?
  5. Do your parents act strange around you, as if they know something about you that you yourself don’t know?
  6. Do you surprise yourself with rude, sexual, explicit, and nasty words?
  7. Do you surprise yourself with tourturesome, violent, and nasty behavior?
  8. Do you feel a never-ending devotion to the person who showed you patterns when you were little/a person who tricked you multiple times?
  9. Do you feel like you act similar to someone else?
  10. Well, it looks like this is the end..
  11. Bye and staaaay fresh!!

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