Depression: Do You Understand

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Created by: MHgirl
  1. Well it all started in Kindergarten,i walked inside my class and i sat next to Brenon Davis. He told me to pinch him but i said no. He told me to again and i said no. So he took my arm and acted liked i hurt him but i didn't and he acted stupidly and taddeled on me and the Teacher Ms.Ijames made me sit at a different table near someone else. A few days later a new student named Denise became friends with Brenon and on the mat in front i tried becoming friends with Denise and before i could talk she pinched me then on the playground the 2 just kicked rocks at my and were just lied to me right in my face and said mean things.
  2. My grandfather died when I was just a little girl but I felt so dumb not know about it sooner.
  3. Haven't you ever been left out by a friend?
  4. My friend Cindy isn't worth a friend anymore and i can't stand her!
  5. Have you been listening?
  6. Listen
  7. Listening
  8. Listening
  9. Listening
  10. Thx 4 ur appreciation!

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Quiz topic: Depression: do I Understand