Debenhams snobquiz

Nowadays there is such a large variety of clothes shops and boutiques that only some clever persons know the qualitative good ones, like e.g. Debenhams.

Are you one of those lucky ones? To find out the correct answer to that complex question, the only thing you need to do is filling in my ridiculously difficult quiz!

Created by: Koen

  1. How many Debenhams stores are there across the UK and Ireland?
  2. All these stores are good for... square feet of retail space (=winkelruimte)?
  3. What does Debenhams doesn’t sell in their shops?
  4. In which country does Debenhams doesn’t have a store?
  5. What was the name of the founder of Debenhams stores?
  6. How much do the most expensive pair of shoes cost?
  7. was Debenhams originally named when they started their business?
  8. The shopping centre in Bury, Greater Manchester, where their latest store opened is called...?
  9. How many customers visit the Debenhams stores or their online shopping site in 1 month?
  10. Debenhams is looking for graduates who have got following properties: 1) Creative and commercial solutions 2) Passion for fashion and retail 3) Initiative - offer ideas and suggestions 4) Ambition What is the fifth property mentioned on the site?

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