Dbz SURVIVE: Future Androids Attack

Hey guys (and girls) this is a Dragon Ball Z Survival quiz. Its kind of a role-playing quiz, but you will figure it out pretty soon i guess. Anyway this is my 1st quiz, so if i mess up horribly please be nice about it.

Alright, you are in the future (alternate timeline i think) and the two androids are creating life on earth terrifying. As one of the remaining people alive, you have to decide what actions you must take to survive.

Created by: dracotoran5
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  1. ok this is my first quiz ever so be nice please?
  2. K so you and a friend are walking by some building and it suddenly explodes, and two androids emerge from the wreckage. what do you do?
  3. There's a radio broadcast saying the most recent attack (by the androids) is in a nearby city. What do you do?
  4. NEWS FLASH!!!! You find Gohan and he says you are at least 1/3 powerful alien warrior (whatever you want). what now?
  5. Eventually you face the androids. Its 3 against 2. What do you do?
  6. While you are fighting, you notice one of the androids has Trunks pinned down and is about to blast him.
  7. Some time after, all of you are injured somehow and hiding. You dont know where Gohan and Trunks are. You
  8. If you stayed hidden, the androids eventually left. You crawl out of your hiding spot. First you
  9. ah man i ran out of ideas... sooo... hows the weather?
  10. Well that's it. please rate and/or comment. thanks for taking my quiz!

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