Darkness in Bloom

Ok so this is my first quis and I just wanted to know if I should keep on with them or if I should just stop mow. I kind of messed up the scoring sorry!! Hope you like this any way!! PS..... Ima llama!!

Ok so no im not really a llama. What I realy wanted to say is that if you didn't like this then.you shuold go and read Never Alone by xbox360fan! XD it rocks!!

Created by: death the kid 13

  1. I ran as fast as I could without turning around.I already knew what I would see. From that sentence,what do you think?
  2. Ok now back to the story....wait where were we?
  3. I ran out of the forest and straight into a person. "Hey watch it will you!" The woman said. I grumbled under my breath" sorry if I kind of want to live you old hag..." I kept on running my pitch black hair wiping around my face. I had to find that house! I could feel it,but I couldn't see it. There was a fork in the road and I could here the screams and screeching behind me. I did turn around now and I saw exactly what I knew it was. The monster Xenthros. He was about 7 feet talk and walked on 6 legs. He had an ugly black mane with huge teeth that were tiny,sharp, and many.
  4. I made a quick decision and ran right. I could hear the monster trailing behind me.~I swear if that house isn't here...~I thought. It was. I could see the ring of protection around it. I ran faster than I ever could before, careful not to step on the ring in case it broke.
  5. I turned around to see Xenthros running straight for me.He was confused at first then over joyed. He stopped right in front of me and as he opened up his huge hideous mouth I said" Hell raised to Earth go back from once you came!" A black and red vortex then appeared under Xenthros and he was sucked in.
  6. I pulled my hood over my head in case any one saw what happens when I use my powers. My hair is a natural purple and when ever I use my powers you can see it. Well I guess since I'm already describing myself I might as well continue. My name is Naomi and I'm an exiled angel. I started off as an arche Angel, from there I went down the line. I was a warrior Angel then a guardian Angel and now I'm here, an exiled Angel. No more golden shining halos for me! I usualy wear dark colors like black, purple, blue, and grey. On rare occasions I might ware all white. My hair is shoulder length and I have eyes that are such a light blue they might as well have been white.
  7. *back to story* "That was some banishing you did there. Got practice?" A voice behind me said. I spun around to see a farely pretty girl flying behind me,watching me. She was pretty though,for a half girl. She had golden hair that was pulled back in a ponytail, with a white blouse and light pink skirt on. Her wings were ok for butterfly wings, they were white,pink,and red with gold flakes.
  8. My name is Electra,what's yours?" I heard her ask. I said none of your buisiness" and walked off. I would have been a little bit more polite than that but something was calling to me. Pulling on my soul. There was a faint whisper of music, and I started running.
  9. I crashed into a guy with spiked red and black hair wearing a black shirt and red jeans. I started breathing heavily and stumbled and fell on the ground. The guy bent down and asked if I was ok. I shoock my head no and said" I can't find the music. I can still hear it, it's so loud,but, I can't find..." Then I blacked out
  10. *dreams* I could hear the music again... I couldn't see anything though so I ran blindly following the sound. Until I ran into that boy again and he smiled at me. I blushed and smiled back. I could still hear the music but I still didn't know where it was coming from..... I bolted awake.
  11. How did you like this? XD
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