dangerous emo love part 3

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Ok sorry its super late I know but its all schools fault have to do school first make the rest later Ok yea just need a bit more words oh and comment who you get Ok

Its important you read this the next will be your birthday party and you get to make one of your friends (girls) its casual so describe her outfit, what she looks like and personality remember emo girl Ok well bye I'm picking the first 5

Created by: reteena
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  1. The discussion is over and Bere and luz and you decide to go to the park. You dress in
  2. After dressing you all head to the park and listen to necter bass or something like that. After talking jocking and see who can stuff more grapes in there mouth Luz and Bere left.
  3. You sit by a smooth tree when someone taps on your shoulder. And its
  4. Your right it is Jeff. He sits with a sad face and looks at the ground.
  5. After a while his eyes look up at you. You can't help what you do next.
  6. You kiss him on the forehead and say "I forgive you for what you did to me." He kisses you on the lips gently. And says "I'm sorry I can't control my thirst I was just supost to take you away but your blood its like magic."
  7. You see him leaning forward and you do the same when your lips meet you feel him huging you tightly. Its not a all in kiss just a long simple one
  8. He backs first and is still hugging you. You say "You can have my blood." "No, there's very little of your real blood and most of other peoples blood
  9. But he cant resist "You have powers right?" He says. "Yes" you say "then please please use them on me... so I don't hurt you anymore." He says
  10. "Jeff... I don't know how... I'm sorry" you say. His eyes lose all hope and he kisses you on the lips. He draws back and hold your head in his hands.
  11. You stay like that until his eyes start to water "I'm sorry _____, they made me." And Jeff walks back. Two guys pull your arms taking you back and dragging you away. You kick and scream but nothings helping. Jeff is looking at you and he is then tackled by two vimpires. A girl launched at the to guys dragging you away. Your free and you see Jeff pinned to the floor waiting for his death. You scream and run over to help. "Stop don't hurt him please no" you say with tears. They let him go. "I'm Blakey and this is Tye. Who are you?" Blakey says in a sweet yet harsh voice. "I'm the Retono..." you splatter out while You hug Jeff who is weak and shivering "What did you do to him?" You say trying to get up but Jeff won't budge. "Give him a thousand vampire bolts." Tye says with a smirk.
  12. Jeff tries to speak but can't then 10 more vampires come and tackle Black and Tye down and drag that other girl by her hair into a car. One pries Jeff away from you and drags you by the hair and gives volts in you pain is all you feel as if your whole body went numb.
  13. You black out. *dream Ok. Your walking but you can't see any thing you suddenly make out an image and run towards it it is...
  14. "______ is that you?" He says "yes go to the pack I need help." You say and wake up. Your dizzy and can't see a thing nor can you move. The wind blows and sends sharp pains in you. You then make out that your still in the park. You hear running towards you. And voices. "There she is!" The voice of Chris says and you can make your body out on the floor covered in blood. You then see everyone Chris, Bere, Luz who is crying, Damien, and Jake. Chris picks you up and you see blood all over the field. You black out when you fall to the floor.
  15. You wake in your bed you woke up in the first time you got here. You can't move though so you sleep more. Zzzzz You wake up refreashed and decide to go to the living room Chris is on the couch asleep you walk towards him but stop when you see fang makes on his wrist. You sit next to him and stroke his hair.
  16. No one else is around so you....
  17. After 5 to 10 minutes you finish and go to the living room. Chris is awake. "How long have I been out... _____, are you Ok?"
  18. "They attacked us and drank most my blood bolted all the rest but Jake who got us home. He says for mine and yours protection I have to not be with you. Sorry" he says and leaves.Tears fall and you crash in yyour bed. Did Chris just break up with you
  19. Remember to read the top and read the end post for my shout outs. Oh and pick a guy
  20. Who do you like
  21. Back to the story you hear knocks on the door. "Come in." You say wiping the tears away. Damian walks in and sits next to you on your bed. "Sorry what Jake made Chris do." He says in a sad low almost whisper looking at the floor. "Its Ok its not your fault." You
  22. He blushes if you picked the first or last part then he says "I like you. And I mean like like you _____." You blush when his eyes look at you. And you stare back at then for a long time

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