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their are many ways to score blahdy blah you can get a good store DO DO DADOO u win...you get the role blah blah blah and im supposed to do this (kzzoooo)

this stinks it is so very boring as you know already cuz well you know yeah thats it thats all there is blah blah and again (kzzoooo) yadyyah u know it blah blah

Created by: OZZYIOMMI

  1. "can i mistake myself for some one who lives behind my eyes"
  2. "now if i dont sound very cheerful i think that im a schizo brain"
  3. do u have the time to listen to me whine
  4. hugry violence seeker,feeding off the weaker breeding on insanity
  5. people say im happy they dont no what i hide
  6. like the eyes of a cat in the black and blue somthings coming for you
  7. cool in denial were the cruel regulators smokin____cigar
  8. long ago i ______ through my mind again its the words
  9. museum full of ash,once a tickle now a rash
  10. they say their gonna your brain alleviate and pain but by the time they fix my head mentally ill be dead
  11. gonna be a penthouse pauper(not sure thats correct) gonna be a millionaire
  12. so u children of the world listen to what i say
  13. if chicken little told u that the sky was falling
  14. sing for the laughter sing for the tears....

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