D O E S. H E. L I K E. Y O U¿

You may think he likes you, but does he?? Maybe he does but just can't get the nerve to ask you out. Or maybe he's just not for you. Take this quiz to figure out which one

Does he really like you??!! Or are you still in the "friend zone"??!! Maybe he likes you but can't ask you out?!! Take this short quiz to figure out, and read the paragraph at the end for extra tips!!

Created by: Marissa
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  1. Do you guys look each other in the eye?
  2. Does he know you like him(if you do)?
  3. Has he ever told you anything he never told anything else?
  4. Does he ever turn red when he's around you?
  5. Has anybody ever told you that he liked you
  6. Does he talk to you a lot?
  7. When/if he talks do you, what does his voice sound like (let's be honest here...)
  8. When/if you guys sit next to each other, how close are you guys?
  9. At your lunch table, how do you face him at your/ another table?
  10. How close is his desk to yours in classes
  11. Have you ever caught him looking at you
  12. Has he ever complemented you before?
  13. How much people have you gone out with in a whole school year?
  14. What about him?
  15. Do people ship you guys
  16. How close is he to a friend?
  17. Have you guys ever dated before
  18. Just making sure your honest cause if you really want to know the truth, you would answer every question exactly right

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