craziest wwe quiz

there are many wwe fans? But who knows about wwe very properly? A wwe genius is one who knows everything of wwe.he is a true fan. He is the one who doesn't miss a show.

are you a true wwe fan?are you an intelligent fan who knows everything about the history of wwe? In this quiz i will find out if you are a true fan of wwe. Take this craziest wwe quiz and have fun !

Created by: joshua

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  1. undertakers streak?
  2. shield members?
  3. cena's wwe title reigns?
  4. which is the universal championship match of the first ever greatest royal rumble ppv?
  5. whats the streak of aj styles and john cenas singles match?
  6. longest u.s champion?
  7. in what was the longest reign as tag team champs of new day?
  8. who broke the new day's reign?
  9. who came in between the match of lesnar vs rollins at battleground 2015?
  10. who was the 2nd ever universal champion?

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