countrey or city?

This quiz is to see if you are more country gal/dude or more of a city girl/boy or woman/man. Are you as countrey as you think you are?

Ok so like we are just trying to waste space now so please dont mind this. If you dont understand well then make a quizel. But O MY GOSH is it a PAIN IN THE BUTT!!!

Created by: millie & sofia

  1. what would you wear with any type of dress?
  2. which place would you take your date to?
  3. where do you consider a romantic walk?
  4. where would you go shopping for your everyday wear?
  5. what kind of car?
  6. when talking to a group would you use the word "yall" or "you all" ?
  7. you would ride?
  8. do you like classical, country, or hip hop?
  9. would you rather go to a night club or bar?
  10. what TV show?
  11. what would you want your friends to see you do?
  12. which one would you rather go to?

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