could you listen to me?

how patient are you? the story is about a poor guy who has everything except a thing that he likes! don't worry. he is fine and JUST TAKE THE QUIZ ALREADY AND KNOW HOW PATIENT YOU ARE! thank you ^_^

please try to use some pills before and after quiz cause your head is about to explode! mine did too! *_*

Created by: LIND

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  1. hi! well could you tell me why you took this?
  2. i guess i need to tell.since i was a kid i wasn't THAT handsome but girls were over me! they used to play with me. talk to me and. boys didn't like me thus girls liked me! and i was bullied and beaten up. my best friend did it! i remember i always went to our apartment yard(kinda big) and gone back to home with eyes full of tears!
  3. i was a coward. didn't go out. girls left me! but one of them didn't. she was quite beauty! brown haired.brown eyes! i made her cry cause i got one of her toys! but she forgave me! they moved! but my mom was friend with her mom. so i did see and visit her!they turned to be rich! but she didn't change! she always accepted me! she liked me. even i did a lot of weird thing to her. for example i lock ourselves in a dark room to solve her fear. but instead she cried!2# we were swimming in pool and raced through the climb. i wanted to go up but she was faster so i pushed her and she got hit by the pool latter.she cried and forgave me! :| another embarrassing on is i pulled her shirt up and touched her stomach.soft.sliping. and got punished by my mom!
  4. we used to talk and hang around more! i remember i was bored and she let me play with ipod {newest that time} or i was hungry she brought me a big pizza and we ate it together.everything was awesome till ....
  6. because in my country if you have gf/bf they call you a bad person and won't let you marry with their son/daughter
  7. because in my country if you have gf/bf they call you a bad person and won't let you marry with their son/daughter
  8. since then. i refused girls! they weren't like her! *sigh*
  9. WHY DID YOU TOOK THIS? I JUST WRITE ENOUGH THAT COULD MAKE A SMALL BOOK OF MY LIFE! uhm... well! sorry. thank for listening! and one last thing
  10. just to know i did it for fun they were real but ... nevermind. and thank for listening to me whatever the result showed don't care. you are the best. thanks ^_^

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