Could you date me, be my bud, or should you just stay away?

I'm honestly just bored and want to see how many people I match with and mention it in the comments. I'm really excited about the results!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There are 4 questions as that's all I need to determine if we are a good match. Also random thing. If someone starts making fun of you, just say in a creepy voice "If you don't want to swallow your tongue tonight, I suggest you stop moving it." They'll be so creeped out they'll never bother you again.

Created by: Dragonspirit

  1. Are you gay or bisexual as I'm bi?
  2. Are you an anime fan?
  3. Can you handle random crying sessions?
  4. Are you truly ready for a Jacksepticeye and Markiplier fangirl???
  5. Well, I only needed those few questions so Hi.
  6. How are you?
  7. I'm gonna just say random crap ok?
  8. cat or dog
  9. boy or girl
  10. well thanks for taking the quizz.

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Quiz topic: Could you date me, be my bud, or should I just stay away?