Could you date me?

I dunno, I got bored. This is a really boring quiz. Its just to see if we'd be able to date. Yknow... that thing you do before marriage.... xD am I making you uncomfortable yet?

Could we date? Do we have the same mind-set? In a couple boring minutes, you'll be able to find out... cool right? Great time killing quiz. :DDDD....

Created by: OZZYIOMMI

  1. Are you bi?
  2. Fave Colour?
  3. Favourite kind of music?
  4. Do you take sarcasm well?
  5. I tend to have breakdowns. Would that irritate you?
  6. If I seemed to be a different person every day, would that irritate you?
  7. I'm not a very open person. Is that okay?
  8. I talk to myself more than real people. Is that annoying?
  9. Are you funny? Do you get different styles of humour?
  10. I'm most likely taller than you... is that alright? XD
  11. I'm quite OCD about stuff. Will that bother you?
  12. If we went out in a date, where would we go?
  13. Would you kiss me on the first date? ^^
  14. Do you like horror or sci-fi?
  15. Do you like to write/draw?
  16. Optimism or pessimism?
  17. Do you have an obsession with someone famous?
  18. Do you like Anime?
  19. If I said I love you...

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