Could you be our triplet?

People say that they're just like us, but are they? Are they sure? Do we resemble any? Are we alike? How are we similar? Hmm... All these questions are probably swarming in your head.

Take this quiz to find out of you could be our, Dani and Gabi's, triplet! These are really based on looks, seeing as some triplets have differences in likes.

Created by: The2gLaMs

  1. Whats the color of your hair?
  2. Whats the color of your eyes?
  3. What color is your skin? (Not being racist or anything.)
  4. Whats the shape of your lips?
  5. Do you have freckles?
  6. Whats the health of your teeth?
  7. Do you have braces? (For Dani :P)
  8. Do you have any inherited traits? (Ex: Hitch-hikers thumb, four leaf clover, dimples)
  9. Do you have any laugh lines?
  10. Whats the size of your nose?

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