Could you be my friend

Friends, could you be mine, who knows, find out in this quiz. (Now I must fill in this paragraph with random words: Apple orange fruit people red white green)[

Could YOU be my friend, find out in my second quiz! YOLO FOR FRIENDSHIP! (Now I must write random words to publish this quize: people grape hair nice)

Created by: ItalyGirl0917

  1. Do you feel you always have to be right
  2. If someone was bullying a friend of yours, you would
  3. If I looked like I was in a bad mood, you would
  4. If I lost something and you found it, you would
  5. Are you funny
  6. Are you skilled with the net
  7. Do you know your music
  8. Do you lie
  9. Do you read
  10. Are you fun and daring

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