Could you be my friend?

So many people can be my friend. I'm pretty popular, so I've got a long range of friends that expand my horizons of friendships. Will you be my friend...or not?

Are you going to score well, or badly? This extremely detailed quiz tells you about drama, and informs you on dogs. I'll use a real tween-life crisis in this quiz! Are you ready for a gut renching experience? Find out in just a few moments.

Created by: 2phb

  1. Hi! So, I'm going to give you a couple words/phrases, and you can pick which answer describes how you feel about it, okay?
  2. Pink
  3. Britney
  4. Your friend who is the class gossip calls you mean on IG. A person you don't even no agrees. Your friend defends you and you think it's over. The next day she takes it to the principals office. Reaction?
  5. A few weeks later, your at play practice after watching "The Movie" in health class.She's telling the little kids all about it. You tell her to stop. She then snaps back at you. Reaction?
  6. Then she apologizes to you after the play teacher gives you your own song.
  7. (She's so r a c I s t) A friend of mine decides to set her up with a guy at school. She says "I can't go out with him, he's black." Her BFF (whose her only friend, if you don't count this other WANNABE, who was the one who agreed that I was mean) cries because herself is African-American.
  8. K. Now everyone h8s her. Let's get back to the ?s.
  9. Lola
  10. Biscuit

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