Could you be my dream boy ?

Search of a good tall and handsome boy begin okay I love England and if you are an english then this quiz is for you best of luck and I hope that you are my dream boy

Lets see if you are my dream boy in my point of view best of luck and play well go for it and win please be my dream boy and remember all the best n .

Created by: Kristy Thomas
  1. Hi !!! Let me first introduce myself to you . I'm an English girl and I have really long hair ( till my waist )
  2. I'm quiet tomboyish ......... And I look girly
  3. Now about you - what's your height ????
  4. Favourite actress
  5. What would you give me as my birthday gift
  6. What's your race ..........
  7. Are you liking me ????
  8. Where would you take me for a date ??
  9. It's awkward but I have phobia with dancing
  10. Bye

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