Could YOU Be In Fifty Fifty Gen 2?

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Hi! Are you an avid k-pop fan? Do you love Fifty Fifty? Are you the ultimate Hunnie? Do you think YOU could be in Fifty Fifty Gen 2, alongside with Keena and two other new members?

Since Aran, Sio and Saena left, there are three places missing for members. And if you can’t get to Singapore to audition, then your virtual audition is right here! It’s time to find out whether YOU could be in the new Fifty Fifty!

Created by: ravenclaw_slays
  1. Hi! Welcome to my quiz! First of all, are you a Hunnie?
  2. Which skills do you have most:
  3. If you picked rap, would you rather be a:
  4. Which would you rather be:
  5. How old are you?
  6. Which of these songs resonate with you most?
  7. What concept would you prefer?
  8. Which of these k-pop groups are your favourite?
  9. Ok, that’s it! Sorry it was so short btw…
  10. Sorry, just realised I forgot a question! If you picked vocals, would you rather be a:

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