Could you be a Warrior?

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There are many cats who have a big dream of becoming Clan leader one day. But first, you must be an apprentice, then warrior, then be chosen deputy!

Have you finished your apprentice training? Are you ready to become a full warrior of your Clan, defending and hunting for them? Take this quiz and find out!

Created by: Beatle Obsessed

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  1. After hunting, I would always feed _______ first.
  2. In battle, you must not...
  3. Which hierarchy is correct for the Clans?
  4. Which of the following is true about the Clans's alliances?
  5. Name all four seasons according to the Clans.
  6. A new deputy must be chosen by what time?
  7. There is one rule about mating/having kits. This is?
  8. StarClan gives ____ _____ to new leaders.
  9. Every Clan must have a ______, chosen by the leader.
  10. Name the five Clans of the forest.

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