Could You Be a Spy?

There is more to being a spy than what people normally think. It's not all guns, explosives, fashion models, and jumping from high buildings. A spy has to be in tune with other people around them and be able willing to put others before themselves. They have to follow gut instinct.

See if you make the cut. Are you an aspiring James Bond, Jack Bauer, Alex Rider...? Can your country trust you... with their own lives? Can you trust yourself with a dangerous mission?

Created by: Jamie
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you speak another language?
  2. When eating a steak dinner, you cut the meat with your dominant hand, then put your fork down and hand it over to your opposite hand to eat.
  3. You are amazing at poker.
  4. You have a photographic memory.
  5. You are a creature of habit.
  6. Are you married/plan to be married?
  7. Are you claustrophobic?
  8. Do you suffer from anxiety?
  9. Do you love your country?
  10. Do you have any tolerance for pain?

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