Could we be friends?

Thank you for coming here! This is my quiz and I did this cuz I was bored! I made this for you and I have to get more letters here so... Lol, I don't know what to say here.

The quiz will be maybe really bad but it's okay! I will ask you 10 random things and you have multiple answers pessible. Lol. I wish that this is long enough. Have fun!

Created by: Venkkuu_
  1. Do you like animals?
  2. Well, what do you like about furries?
  3. Do you watch dsmp?
  4. Do you listen music?
  5. If you do, do you listen Boywithuke or Lovejoy? Press no effect if you don't listen music
  6. Are you toxic to other people?
  7. Now, I don't know what to ask so i'm going to tell you that this is not accurate and this is my first quiz!
  8. Do you play any instrument?
  9. Well I don't have more things to ask! You can ask anything in the comments and if you want, go to follow me on reddit u/venkuli2010
  10. Bye!

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