could u be my bff?

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what oh okay i guess i have to right about this quiz. ok i am a person and KFC is good lolz but seriously i like pork chops lolz omg shut up hehahehahahehehaha

OMG sorry spaz attack lolz hahahhahahahahhahahahha ahhhh(slap) STOP IT MEGAN omg sorry you had to um read that hahahhahahahhahahahhaha PORK CHOPS AND STUFF ohyou know whats really good coleslaw ok well bye

Created by: meganiscool

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  1. Are you optimistic?
  2. you
  3. you
  4. you have more than 3 bff's
  5. you are smart(b+ average)
  6. you have boys and girls 4 ur bff's
  7. finall ? u luv 2 text
  8. JK cuz i just found out where the numbers 4 the ?'s r and thts amazing isnt it?
  9. u like fake nails
  10. u luv bright colorrs and ur fav color is
  11. ur fav show is
  12. poo i have 2 go :( ill miss u
  13. i luv you

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