What is you school dance personality???

I personaly love dances! I'm not in the limelight, but it's still fun :) This is a quiz where you can find out what kind of "go-er" you are. Go-er? Dancer? huh. I don't know a good word for that..

Second paragraph... Ok... hope you like the quiz...I haven't made many so ya im an ameture... I spelled that wrong :) OH! btw most of my quizzes are girl oriented...I have no clue how the male mind works... explains why I'm forever alone :) lolz

Created by: yellowbell

  1. Quick! What do you do when you first get there???
  2. What do you do when your fav song comes on?
  3. One of those popular girls are staring at you and frowning...
  4. Seems like people have organized a dance battle...
  5. What do you wear? (doesn't have big effect)
  6. can't think of other questions...
  7. Do you even like dances???
  8. How often do you use your phone to text during the dance?
  9. sorry...ran outta questions again...
  10. Hope u liked it! Comment and rate plz! ^_^

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