Copyright Laws Quiz

This quiz is designed to assess the educator's understanding of copyright laws pertaining to use in the classroom. This will test your basic knowledge of the laws and their applications.

If you have trouble with the quiz, please ask me for assistance. Some of the questions may be a little trick, and I don't want my ability to confuse you to interrupt your ability to understand. I am always available at the end of class.

Created by: Jacob
  1. Who is protected by copyright laws?
  2. What year were the first copyright laws created?
  3. What are guidelines for teachers to know when they can use copyrighted materials?
  4. What do government documents fall under?
  5. How many years need to pass before work is public domain?
  6. How can you ensure that you are not breaking copyright laws?
  7. What percentage of most smaller works can a teacher use spontaneously without needing permission ?
  8. What is needed for an original work to be copyrighted?
  9. If you have a 1,000 page book that you would like to copy for the class, how much can you copy before you break copyright laws?
  10. If you have a movie that is an hour long, how much of it can be shown without permission?
  11. If the movie is only 20 minutes?
  12. What is required in order to use items without expressed permission? brevity, spontaneity, non-profit, one time use

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