college years

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this is a quiz that is about the way you act,im sorry if u dont get a good result,happy whatever day it is.i hope you enjoy,please request a quiz for me.

i hope you get the result you love or you want,i think you deserve,if you get the "wrong" result i so sorry.i hope you enjoy it so much becuz most of you like.but some i hate(ellis)

Created by: OZZYIOMMI

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  1. do you pass all the classes
  2. do you party till dawn
  3. do you sing or play an instrument
  4. if you are tired but somone invites you to a party do you go
  5. are classes exciting?
  6. do you like ozzy,alice cooper or limp bizkit
  7. are u more quite or loud or a mix
  8. fave color
  9. do you were flamboyant clothes
  10. do you catch attention

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