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Yo! Take this test! Choose a few things and get a funny MBTI meme! I hope you will relate to these memes, or at least find them funny. If the text is small, the text will be in the description for you to read.

So I'm lounging around with my crew just chillin'. I'm wearing black and white, and I ain't no villain. And all of a sudden I get this rumbling feeling. It's my stomach! It's telling me that I need to be grilling! Some hamburgers, You know? The big fat and juicy? The one's that be havin' you licking your lips profusely When you take a bite you no longer feel down Because with that taste of perfection in your mouth you can't frown! Life's so good when you're eatin' a burger! It's so unhealthy, It's like artery murder!

Created by: grimmchild
  1. What is your MBTI type
  2. Choose a cognitive function.
  3. Which one do you want?
  4. Choose a song from keyboard expert.
  5. Introvert or extrovert
  6. Are you dropping a poop into the toilet right now?
  7. Choose an element (like the fake ones that are not actually "elements")
  8. Choose a real element now!
  9. Pictures or words?
  10. Do you want the meme's text to be in the description of the result?

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