Cheerleaders 5th Grader Quiz

This quiz is for the Sebring High School Cheerders Pep Rally before the big homecoming Basketball Game. Please take the time to study before the big game and we will see how well you done on our Are you smater than a 5th grader pep assembly.

You will be tested on Sebring Trivia as well as sports, science, Geography, and math. Keep up the spirit and study hard and you just might be smarter than a 5th grader someday in the near future.

Created by: Tech

  1. What is the Capital of Pennsylvania?
  2. What is the square root of 144?
  3. Name a famous Ohioan?
  4. What is the scientific code for water?
  5. Who is your favorite High Principal?
  6. What cheer is done at the end of the 3rd period of a basketball game?
  7. How many grades at there at B.L.Miller?
  8. What County is Sebring in?
  9. Who is the Mayor of Sebring?
  10. Who is the High School Varsity Basketball Coach?

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