Chapter 16 - PSYA02

So, you think you know PSYA02? Well give this quiz a shot! I need to fill up one hundred-fifty characters WITHOUT stating that requirement or gibberish

OMG I have to fill up another little box with characters!! I just wanted to make a quiz for this chapter!! Typing these things out turned out longer than the quiz itself!

Created by: Sabrina

  1. What are the 3 stages of physiological stress response that appears regardless of the stressor that is encountered?
  2. _______ determines what is/is not stressful and _______ determines whether or not the subject can handle that stress
  3. _________ is characterized by avoiding situations or thoughts that are reminders of a stressor and maintaining an artificially positive viewpoint.
  4. Which of the following is not a stage in rational coping?
  5. Reframing is a process where
  6. Biofeedback is
  7. ________ is an interaction between mind and body that can produce illness
  8. Hypochondriasis is defined as:
  9. Somatization disorders are defined as
  10. Conversion disorder is defined as

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