Chamber of Secrets Quiz

Take this quiz to see if you can be THE Harry Potter genius!! How much do you know about the Chamber of Secrets? Well, find out now..This quiz is the easiest one from the three different levels, easy, medium and difficult!

Are you a HP genius? do you have the intelligence to gain that title? Until now, you could only wonder, could only wonder, couldnt you? well now here it is, the quiz take about five minutes at the very most, and it is only ten questions, try you hardest, good luck!!

Created by: Susanna of --Amortentia
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  1. Which Creature sang a Valentine to Harry?
  2. When was Hogwarts founded?
  3. What is rumoured to be insisde the Chamber of Secrets?
  4. Is Colin Creeveys father a..
  5. Tears from phoenix birds have healing powers.
  6. For how long was Hermione in the Hospital Wing?
  7. Fred bewitched Percy Weasleys prefect badge to read..
  8. How many years ago was the Chamber opened?
  9. Was Hagrid expelled from Hogwarts in his..
  10. Between which two houses was the first match of the season?

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