Cat scenario (for CAT lovers)

Hi, my name is Crystal willow and the universe is made from MY LOVE FOR CATS!!!! Ahem anyway cats are so cute! I know 4 cats but sadly only 3 will be mentioned in instead this quiz. So lets explain the 3 cats:

This quiz will be like a mini simulator for cat fans. By the way I SUCK AT MAKING QUIZZES!!! I keep LOSING all of my process{ )':) soo i spent a whole FIVE HOURS on this quiz!!! Anyway before i go i will explain the cats: Marshmallow a fat, greedy,CUTE,naughty,cat, she is white with orangey patches.Bella: sassy.bossy.rude.CUTE.plump-like cat. (The first cat i ever stroked) she also HATES Marshmallow,Mittens:shy,beautiful,peaceful,young cat,black with white chest and hind legs. Aww! Ok enough chatting you can get on with quiz now. (|:

Created by: Crystal willow

  1. Hi have YOU ever wanted to be a cat
  2. Your at the cat shelter (your a cat) sitting in you cosy cage when 3 humans walk in. A girl,a boy on his tablet, and a elder lady in her 70s.GIRL:AWW! look at this one! She's sooo cute! can I have her? PLS PLS PLS PLLLLS?!MUM:ok fine lets let the cat decide. GIRL:YAAAAY! YOUR THE BEST MUM EVER!BOYS MUM: Mike can you put down your phone and choose your pet!BOY: but mum I'm so close to wi-MUM:NO BUTS! NOW PUT DOWN YOUR PHONE DOWN!BOY:fine...MUM:good, now which pet do you want?BOY: that one looks cool. He points at you.LADY: oooh that cat looks just like a cat i knew when i was younger, i love cats-some people even call me CRAZY cat lady.haha! I don't see whats so CrAzY about liking cats...
  3. Which human do you want?
  4. Your in the car sitting in your new comfy cage.when you have to pee. You JUST left the shelter
  5. You get to your new house. It looks..unfamiliar ,
  6. Your hungry, what type of food will you eat?
  7. Your sleeping in your cosy bed when you suddenly hear:aaaaaaahh! A scream!
  8. You walk into the kitchen after a nice long nap-and-see your human standing on a chair and then a mouse scuttled by HUMAN:Aaaaaaaah MMMOOUSE!!CAT........
  9. Whats your favourite place nap?
  10. Your cat-walking across a garden when a cat ATTACKS you!
  11. A RANDOM human wants fo stroke you what do you do?
  12. One last thing...what type of name would you have if you where a cat?
  13. How much do you LOVE cats

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