whats your warrior cat name

Ever wonder what your warrior cat name is so did I,I tried a few and decided to make my own so well here it is.

Just to let you know the cats at the end of this Quiz have nothing to do with the cats in the actual series but these cats will reappear eventually.

Created by: cameron

  1. Would you rather be an apprentice warrior or medicine cat.
  2. What kind of cat are you?
  3. What clan are you in?
  4. What color pelt do you have(your result won't name it sorry but consult your cats name)
  5. How long is your cats fur(also won't say sorry)
  6. Your camp is being attacked by an enemy clan you are fighting of two little warriors when your friend cries for help no one else responds what do you do?
  7. A clan mate asks you if you want to go hunting what is your response?
  8. You discover that a clanmate is meeting in secret with his love from another clan this cat may or may not be your friend what do you do?
  9. You receive a message from Starclan saying that you and six others will go on a journey to save the clans from something terrible what do you do? (Not a reference to the New Prophecy and if all goes according to plan you'll see what its about) ;3
  10. If you could receive any of thes gifts which would you take?

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Quiz topic: Whats my warrior cat name