Dragon love story

You're a dragon soldier in Wingstar's squadron. There are four dragons-Wingstar, Darkwalk, Mudstripe and Stormcalling- who could be love interests. Three months are meeting each other there is a battle...

It doesn't have to be dragons. They could be Warrior cats. It's just from my made up universe but you can think of it as warrior cats. Feel free to think of it like that.

Created by: Thorne Sanders

  1. You're finally a soldier! You're being trained by a dragon named Wingstar, a city hero. "Today we will be learning basics." He's handsome, white-scaled taller and older than you. He has blue eyes.
  2. The dragon you are training next to asks to leave. He's a pure black dragon named Darkwalk. He has dark eyes that seem to be avoiding Wingstar
  3. "THAT SEEMS SUSPICIOUS!" A mud brown, wide-shouldered dragon shouted. He has grey eyes. "Mudstripe!" Wingstar scolded,"What have I told you about shouting over the commander!"
  4. "Same goes to you [your name]." You blush in embarrassment as Wingstar tells you off. "[name] partner up with Stormcalling!" You go up to the grey dragon with brown eyes. "Hey I wing not believe how mean he is!" He flicks his tail towards Wingstar.
  5. Darkwalk is back. He glares.
  6. Wingstar announces you are going into battle
  7. You hear a scream at the battle
  8. Mudstripe is constantly saving you. No one has laid a claw on you yet
  9. Turns out Stormcalling is a RUBBISH fighter. You...
  10. It's the end. Your best friend died. You go to _ for comfort. "[name], I really like you..." Says _ "Do you want to be... Mates?" Who's name fills in _?
  11. You have three dragonets which you name after the three you didn't mate (Wingbeat, Battlewalk, Mudtail and/or Soundcalling) Who isn't there a dragon named after?

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