Carri04, Sports19, and Emmajamme come here please.

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Ok so guys, unless you are CARRI04, SPORTS19 OR EMMAJAMME you don't wanna be here... just telling you now because otherwise you will get very bored...

So guys.... I hope you have/had a good day! Love is all you need! Give peace a chance! Just randomness! Lol I need 150... pie! Chocolate! Super awesomeness!

Created by: Beatle Obsessed
  1. Emma, you can skip everything that doesn't have to do with you, ok?
  2. So, Carri04 and Sports19. Look. I am sorry I love the Beatles so much.
  3. But I do. And I am sorry if I am bringing up old threads. But in ALL honesty, I did not know they were old threads!!!!! So sue me.
  4. But I don't insult you just because you guys love something! Yes, I know I can be very annoying sometimes, but I am very very sorry. Please oh PLEASE forgive me.
  5. Now, Emma. I must thank you DEARLY.
  6. You have stood up for me whenever someone has insulted me! And I know I can be really annoying about the Beatles... so I apologize for that.
  7. Emma, also I would like for us to become good friends on GTQ. Is that ok with you? If so, please talk to me in the comments. Thank you again SOOOOOO much Emmajamme!
  8. I will try to think of non Beatles songs now..... "Everybody wants to rule the world!"
  9. "Crazy... but that's how it goes. Millions of people, living as foes!"
  10. Bye guys!!!!

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