CaptainSparklez Quiz

This test is to prove to me and you that you have what it takes to know who CaptainSparklez is.Although you may or may not know the right answers, just give it you're all and make me and yourself proud!

How well do YOU know CaptainSparklez?Well, let's find out together!At the end of this test you will find out if you're CaptainSparklez's number one fan or someone who's never even seen at least one of his videos!

Created by: RedFire263

  1. How old is Jordan from CaptainSparklez?
  2. What was the name of the most recent MineCraft series he did?
  3. How many YouTube channels has he had in the past?
  4. Has Jordan ever played MineCraft Pocket Edition Lite?
  5. How many times did Jordan play Slender:Eight Pages?
  6. Is Jordan in The Realm Of Mianite?
  7. Which one of these music videos did Jordan NOT make?
  8. What does he do when he brakes even when live streaming on Mianite?
  9. How many subscribers does he have?
  10. Has Jordan ever hugged SkyDoesMinecraft on stage before?

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