Can YOU survive the zombie apocolips?

Do you have what it takes to survive the zombie apocolips? If you think so then try this quize. Youll need brains, guts and above all, bravery. but remember zombies aerent real. Or are they? A...are they?

Survivel of the fitest. Kill to live... shoot the zombies... what else is there to say? Have fun but focuse! Time to survive. Will you sruvive? Will you? Will you really? Find out here!

Created by: Kon

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  1. Have you had any combat or survival training?
  2. Choose an item to take with you to aid you in survival (Each include food and water)
  3. You see your friend stuck in one room with zombies aproching him. The second room has supplies that are abought to get eaten by zombies. What do you choose? Help or suplies?
  4. how many people do you live by in a one mile radios?
  5. Your out of supplies and have to go raid. Choos a location to raid
  6. You find a surviver, but he has bite marks. He also has supplies. What will you do?
  7. Oh no, you hear banging on the window of your hiding area. What do you do?
  8. Your family has been bittin. What do you do?
  9. Your out of ammo and cornered by zombies. What will you do???
  10. Youve managed to get on an airplane leading to a survival military base with 5 over survivers. But another pasanger was infected and bites the pilot. What do you do? There are only 34 parachutes but 5 people alive. Your over the bace so do thios an stay alive.

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Quiz topic: Can I survive the zombie apocolips?