Can You Survive the FegelStation?

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Fegelein invented this... machine. The quickest way to madness, this is. This... this FegelStation! What an amazing discovery! It has a new model too! WITH BETTER GRAPHICS!

Warning, FegelStation and Reich Computer Entertainment does not take responsibility for any and all damages, claims, fees, losses, expenses, demands of liability, mental or emotional distress, or other negative circumstances that you may incur or encounter while Interacting FegelStation or FegelStation 2. The "FS" Family logo are registered trademarks of Reich Computer Entertainment Inc.

Created by: OZZYIOMMI

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  1. Crap graphics... ? Perfect to play Mario! :D
  2. Can I give you a tip?
  3. Beware! Oh, yeah, You just got Fegel'd
  4. Note: A person with the name of "Hermann" and "Fegelein" have nothing to do with this.
  5. Yo, that hole just followed you and you died.
  6. Let's try something more... your level. Initiating Fegaman!
  7. Oh, yeah! Babyality!
  8. Oh, I see you've finally gotten an HDTV!
  9. Ronald McHitler! He's beating you t-- Hey, dude! You just got crushed by a giant Goomba!
  10. Hey, Ask me a question!
  11. Good graphics! Perfect for Need For Speed!
  12. I'm driving 150~~~
  13. Dude! Look out!
  14. HAHA! A CAR JUST RAMMED YOU HEAD ON! Yo grill is crushed!
  15. You're too damaged to continue...
  17. You just got Fegel'd!!

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Quiz topic: Can I Survive the FegelStation?