Can you survive the 5th Waves?

This quiz tells about if you survive or not... If you do or else naturally or your a ted...please don't take this quiz if you haven't read the book...

Can you survive? No one knows#!!have the guts to survive or die? Still... No ONE KNOWS!!! Good luck try your best get a yes! If its a no good try better luck next time

Created by: NormalBoy

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. In wave one, were would you rather be?
  2. In Wave two what would you do to not get caught by the big tsunami waves?
  3. On Wave 3 how would you get away with the infections?
  4. Wave 4 : what will you do?
  5. Wave 5: if your a child ...what would you do to escape the alien army?
  6. Will you like to have a silencer who loves you?
  7. Do you like the idea of "alien armys"
  8. Are you a ted?
  9. Will you think you will survive?

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Quiz topic: Can I survive the 5th Waves?