Can you relate? *Sesame Street edition*

Hey guys! So, I know I'd normally introduce the quiz and everything, but I'm a Lil in shock lol. Today, I was flipping through tv channels, and the station landed on Sesame Street.

^ So, I stopped to watch it, and the description of the show.... Jeez. It said " A group of Muppet's use black magic to interact with humans in a urban world." I was like.... Okay then?? *wide eyes* lol I guess that explains some stuff 0.0

Created by: ghettobabe4ever
  1. That moment when you wonder WHY every Sesame Street character ( besides Oscar the grouch) is smiling.
  2. That moment when you feel like curling up into a ball and crying, but you hear the Sesame Street theme song and feel your day slowly brighten.
  3. I've always wondered how Cookiemonster stayed the same size although he ate so many cookies.
  4. That moment when you hear a tickle me Elmo toy in Walmart and immediately take off to hug it.
  5. Why does the theme song for Sesame Street say " Sunny days chasin the clouds away..." when it never really looks too sunny?
  6. Sesame Street really taught me some amazing things. If I want to live in a trash can, you can't judge me. If I want to eat a jar of cookies every hour? Sure, why not! And hey, if I want to jump off buildings to fly because I think I'm a super hero, that's fine.
  7. That awkward moment when you start humming the Sesame Street theme song during school and the other people around you start to snicker.
  8. That moment you realize tickle me Elmo toys are sorta freaky.
  9. Parent: What are you doing?! Me: What does it look like I'm doing? Big Bird got to explore the world for his family, why can't I?
  10. That moment when you're binge watching Sesame Street and a bikini model pops on a commercial. ( usually, I'll be like... What the hell!?)
  11. Sometimes I can't help but feel the producers of Sesame Street have an inside joke going on.

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Quiz topic: Can I relate? *Sesame Street edition*