Can you raise baby squirrel?

You see lots of squirrels around your home,trees and parks.Some baby squirrels are unlucky because they can't feel the warm of there mother because of falling from tree,stormy wheather which cause to death.

so,Can you raise the baby squirrel?Are you able to save his life?.If yes use your brain to save the baby squirrel.Now it was in your hand to save the life of that baby squirrel.

Created by: sandeep
  1. If you found a baby squirrel alone what do you do?
  2. where do you keep it in your house?
  3. what type of atmosphere they want?
  4. what do you use to give him water?
  5. what you give him to eat?
  6. If a cat was coming toward the baby squirrel.What will you do?
  7. Do you hurt the baby squirrel?
  8. Does you protect him from insects?
  9. Does you give him time?
  10. Does you clean his urin?

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Quiz topic: Can I raise baby squirrel?