Can you make a move on him

Their are lot of girls out their who lose their relationship because their boyfriends think they are way too boring...just too shy to make a move...even to tell them they love thing I am sure boy hate are girls with low self esteem.. believe me they hate it.

Are you the shy girl? Are you the girl who can't just make a move and surprise your man. well,thanks to this awesome quiz!! you get to know that and what to do if you are that shy girl. so come on start the quiz.....

Created by: Jessica
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  1. when he is sitting next to you..what do you do?
  2. if you are both sitting at a dark corner side by side alone..what do you do
  3. he hugs you in public...what do you do?
  4. you see him smoking shirtless....and he calls you to help him wipe something off his back because his hands couldn't reach....what do you do?
  5. you are both at the club...what do u do?
  6. if you want to tell him you love do you do it
  7. he pecks u on the cheek in public...what do u do?
  8. how do you like the quiz so far *Jessica winking at you*
  9. How much do u wanna make out with this guy
  10. what do u think the result will be like?

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Quiz topic: Can I make a move on him