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Shadowla:Remember last time Savannah was acting weird?Well...IT GOT WORSE!!!!PLEASE HELP US!!!!!!!SHE IS ACTING CRAZY!!!!! *sob* PLEASE HELP US!!!!!!!!

Note:None of this really happened.It's pretty much a roleplay quiz.So yeah,don't worry because I am fine right now so play along with the story and pretend you didn't read this ok?Great now with the story...

Created by: Savannah

  1. Shadowla:so um...lets see here...ummmm...I DON'T KNOW JUST HELP US OUT!! *sobs* Vincent/purple guy:T-T
  2. Shadowla:Is there anything specific we need to do to keep her fixed?
  3. Vincent:any specific youtubers?
  4. Shadowla:Oh!Maybe I can spawn something cute for her! Springtrap: *walks in* I agree. Vincent:I do too. Shadowla:Do you agree?
  5. Shadowla:You can talk with Springtrap while I try your solution.See ya! Springtrap:What do you think of me?
  6. Springtrap:What would you wear to go to an AWESOME horror attraction? (boys pick one with boys on it.girls pick on with girls on it.and both can pick one with boy/girl)
  7. Shadowla:*comes back*Hey t- Springtrap:just relax and chat with us!Ok quiz taker,favorite video game?
  8. Shadowla:Favorite fnaf song
  9. Shadowla:Favorite youtuber?
  10. Shadowla:FATE

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Quiz topic: Can I help us out?